A personal hydration monitor.


Sixty is more than just a wearable.


Most wearables are only functional when worn - Sixty is smarter. Detaching the device from the strap allows for periodic monitoring, enabling use in more scenarios and for more users. 


Features Overview


Sixty Logo Image


Sixty measures hydration and heart rate through the principle of optical spectrometry. Three LEDs shine green, red and infrared light onto the skin while photodiodes measure the amount of light reflected back. 

Sixty measures hydration level, heart rate, activity levels & calories burnt as well as sleep tracking. 

Intuitive Design

Simple User Interface.

At the core of our design is inclusivity. That is the product could be used by all ages, activity levels and in a multitude of scenarios. The resultant design marries intuitive usability with versatile functionality while making use of minimal and inviting formwork. The device works stand alone, but should you wish to have detail analysis and improved user interface, the device pairs with smart devices. 

Hydration levels

Feedback Tiers

Different users and use scenarios are accommodated with four distinct feedback tiers.

Periodic Monitoring


Feedback Tier 1.

Just the device. The device will periodically prompt user to check hydration through LED sequence and/or vibration. The time until the next prompt is dependent on severity of dehydration.

Feedback Tier 2.

Combining the device with companion app gives the user extended feedback and a richer user interface. Suggesting possible symptoms and advice.

Ideal for casual users who don' t wish to wear the device continuously.

Sixty can work standalone but can communicate with other devices (BLE & ANT+) enabling seamless integration into IoT. 

Periodic monitoring principle

Continuous Monitoring


Feedback Tier 3.

Attaching the device to your arm enables continuous monitoring offering real time hydration levels and alerts. 

Sixty will work on wrist, forearm and bicep.


Feeback Tier 4.

Where the system truly shines. Real-time hydration levels and heart rate data are combined to give accurate advice to limit symptoms. The companion app stores reading history allowing the user to further analyse patterns in behaviour.

Ideal for the high risk users including the physically active and those with poor hydration behaviours.

Continuous Monitoring Principle



We deliberately made Sixty's user interface simple and intuitive, but the device really shines when paired with a smart device (iOS & Android). Real time hydration, heart rate and activity tracking combined to give accurate advice to limit symptoms. Sixty stores measurement history allowing the user to further analyse patterns in behaviour.

this is gold dust
— Prof Joe Eustace, Nephrologist
this has so many applications, from sports enthusiasts to elderly care
— Adrian Hodgson, Nutritionist & Sport Scientist