We have a true passion for hydration.


Paul is the founder of Sixty. Paul is a bit of a fitness freak and likes to run marathons, kitesurf and crossfit.

The idea of a hydration monitor came to Paul when his wife Claire suffered hyperemesis, and he realised there wasn't a convenient accurate way of measuring hydration. Most tests are inconvenient (blood tests and urine analysis), so the average person is left with turgor tests and urine color as an indicator of late stage dehydration. He set out to develop a solution that would be non-intrusive, convenient and accurate. By the way, Paul suffers from ridiculous mood swings when he's dehydrated so Claire was very encouraging of his invention!

With the increasing prevalence of optical heart rate monitors, Paul settled upon a hypothesis that optical spectrometry could be used to measure hydration below the skin. He engaged the Centre for Applied Photonics and Process Analysis  (CAPPA) which is a Technology Gateway specialising in technological solutions for Irish Industry.  Together the  concept was proven in the lab, allowing the team to move ahead with electronic prototypes.  Sixty is based on its own patented approach and the team continues to develop the Sixty device with the aim of bringing it to market.

The team has a depth of technical abilities divided across Photonics, Physics and Electronics as well as experienced hardware and firmware engineers to develop the product through design, validation and production. We are equally passionate about the customer and their experience of the product and take a user centric product development process where there is a focus on the problem to solve, not necessary the technical solution. This ensures the needs of users are being met and function fits into a desirable form.