Update 25th September 2017

Hi all,

Last week was a good week:

  • We were successful on Enterprise Ireland's Competitive Start Up fund, and are set up to join their High Perfromance Start Up program which subsequently can match additional funding raised.
  • We're in the regional final of Intertrade Ireland Seedcorn competition. Top prize is €50,000 with no equity investment.
  • The website created many new leads, and we now exploring a use case with a healthcare provider in the Middle East. The use case scenario being to monitor blue collar workers in hot conditions and determine the health economics of avoiding hydration related issues.

The team continues to work on the technology and electronics, with a parallel focus now on building the data set of the hydration model algorithm. This is a time consuming activity, but necessary to improve the accuracy of the device.


004872 ITI Seedcorn Stamps 2017_-03.jpg

IF Design application

Hi all,

We've been working with Crux Product Design to develop the industrial design of Sixty.  At the core of the brief was inclusivity - the product needed to used by all ages, activity levels and in a multitude of scenarios. The resultant design marries intuitive usability with versatile functionality while making use of minimal and inviting formwork.

We're proud of what has been produced and plan to submit the design to the IF Design Awards.

Crux have been fabulous to work with, and I highly recommend them. www.cruxproductdesign.com